Travel Edition - Pikes Peak "World Famous Donuts" at 14,000 ft

The sign says they are "World Famous", so I had to break my gluten free streak for 1 bite. Maybe 2.

But honestly, they are really only good if you dunk them in coffee. Otherwise, they were really oily. Kind of crunchy on the outside and more like a french fry than a donut. Or a funnel cake minus the powdered sugar.

Why don't they add some powdered sugar?! There's an idea.

According to the Rocky Mountain Food Report, doughnuts have been sold on the mountain for around 125 years... "They’re high-altitude [cake] doughnuts — they can only be made above 14,000 feet. … We just make high-altitude adjustments to the recipe. And of course we do have our secret ingredient, which we can’t reveal, sorry.”

I'm sorry, too, Pikes Peak. Maybe you were having an off day, but I wasn't impressed. I guess I'll have to wait until I'm at 14,000 ft elevation again to give them a second try.

** Note: Oddly enough, after writing this, I'm totally craving one. Even th…

Clayton Bakery - Now Bello's Bakery - On Manchester Rd

So this video kind of made me fall in love with this place (maybe because I'm a video producer and videos just get me?)

I stopped here because I had an extra 10 minutes to kill before a meeting and it just so happened to be right there. What a great decision!

I got a Glazed, Twist, French Crueller, and Chocolate Long John (so basically all my usual favorites). And they did not disappoint! The only one that was outside my norm was the twist and that was my least favorite. It had sugar coating and I just didn't think it was too special, though it is very pretty.
Bello's Bakery used to be Clayton Bakery and back when I went to Webster U, they provided the donuts in the cafeteria. I probably gained some weight.

They also have bread, cookies, coffee cakes, and other treats! There is a full menu on their website.

11744 Manchester Road
St. Louis, MO 63131
(314) 821-2509

Monday - Friday: 6:30AM–6:30PM
Saturday: 6:30AM–5PM
Sunday: 8AM-1PM

Travel Edition - Donutology in KC

My road trip with Melissa would not be complete without a new donut blogging adventure.

A trip full of late nights, early mornings, and tripping into strangers, Kansas City is always full of fond memories with this girl.

We decided to try Donutology in Westport, KC.

The concept is pretty straightforward - you write down your order on a page that feels like a quiz. You choose your type of base donut, icing, toppings, and drizzles.

Sounds simple enough. BUT it's very easy to over do it and go crazy. I tried to pick things that sounded like they went together, like a chocolate cake donut with vanilla icing, Butterfinger crumbles, graham cracker crumbles, and chocolate drizzle. But alas, it was just too much going on. Not to mention that the icings weren't very good. Too goopy & thick for my liking.

As you can see, cereal plays a big role in the toppings department. I'm not too crazy about that.

The only donut I enjoyed at all was the Seasonal Special called "The Bee&…

Donut Day Recap 2017

Well, it's been a few weeks since the hype of National Donut Day has worn off... now we've all settled into our usual donut routines.

Has the 2017 Line-Up taught us anything? Of course.

The Top 5 donuts in St. Louis were rated as follows:

1. FLORISSANT - Old Town Donut - boston creme
2. DOWNTOWN - Pharoah's - glazed  3. SHAW/THE HILL - O'Fashion - old fashioned  4. ST. LOUIS HILLS - St. Louis Hill's Donuts- dunking stick (oblong, glazed cake)  5. SOUTH COUNTY - The Donut Stop - jelly filled
Note: Old Town won by 2 points & there were only 9 points between #1 & #5.

Judging this year was slightly different - smaller portions, a smaller judging panel, and different contenders than 2016.

The event itself is always a blast! Put on by Jazz at the Bistro, Donut Day in STL is a family friendly activity and true to STL, it's got plenty of FREE STUFF! Yep, free donuts, coffee, milk, balloon animals, a jazz performance, and even more free kid's activities.


Travel Edition - Stan's Donuts in Chicago

My dad lives in Chicago and as genetics would have it, also loves a good donut!

We stopped by Stan's Donuts after eating an insane amount of Polish food. I really wish I had been more hungry and could've tried more donuts, because they had lots of fun varieties that sounded good.

Donuts I thought about ordering included:

Captain Crunch Bismark
Glazed Pretzel
Biscoff Pocket
Boston Cream
Coconut Cream

So as you can see, there were lots of options. My big complaint is that I didn't have time to see all my options before ordering.

You see, the line is set up backwards. You go through the line with a bunch of people standing in front of the donuts and then you're IMMEDIATELY expected to know your order. I even had a snarky comment made from the guy behind the counter - he said something like "I can help whoever knows their order" - and he said it like he was frustrated with me staring at the 5 trillion options.

Okay so that was my only real issue with this pla…

New Vincent Van Doughnut Location in The Grove!

My mom is in town and staying with me for a few weeks, so this morning I convinced her to join me for some pre-work doughnuts!

I'm super happy about the new Vincent Van Doughnut location in The Grove! I work in the CIC buildings right by IKEA and as the official self-dubbed Party Planning Committee of my company, I can plan company outings here now!

We ordered a Coffee Chocolate Doughnut and a variety of Doughnut Holes - cinnamon sugar & glazed. 

We also got a savory breakfast pocket with Ham, Egg and Cheese. It's nice that they serve more breakfasty items in addition to doughnuts.

Prior to this, I'd only had Vincent Van Doughnut from the actual van or from Straub's, the uppity grocery store. I must say the shop is just so much better for many reasons -  super fresh, lots of variety, regular hours, coffee. I love the vibes in the new location and will definitely be back soon! That coffee doughnut was to die for.

Our whole order was only $10 and these doughnuts are …

Beignets in STL - Bar 360 (Downtown)

What's a beignet?

"Beignet, synonymous with the English "fritter", is the French term for a pastry made from deep-fried choux pastry. Beignets can also be made from other types of dough, including yeast dough."- Wikipedia

Thanks, Wikipedia!

It's basically a fried little donut covered in powdered sugar. Sometimes they come with a dipping sauce that is chocolatey.

Bar 360 in Downtown STL has beignets and they are a great sharable treat. They are bite sized and airy, like little pillows.

These beignets tasted like they had cinnamon involved. They came out hot, but I almost liked them better cold.

For $7, they give you a lot of beignets! We had 6 friends trying to conquer this plate and could barely do it. We also ate pizza, though.

I read some Yelp complaints that the beignets weren't all cooked the same (some doughy, others crispy), but I didn't have this issue. They were good, but it was really all about the sauce, for me.

They came with a dipping…